Peter + Libby

Married on North Stradbroke Island, QLD

Kind Words:

“Planning a wedding is about making many choices about many things which contain a degree of uncertainty.  Choosing Ann to be our celebrant was the best choice we made.   

Right from the beginning Ann struck us a person who was genuinely invested in who we are and what our union meant to us.  We have been to weddings before where celebrants impress there own ideology on the occasion and whilst good intentions were abound, we never felt that the celebrant was truly representing the couples true personalities.   

Ann not only showed the desire and passion to represent the true us but importantly also had the know how and professionalism.  She is a very talented person, highly intelligent with a great feel for people. After getting to know Ann better we were not surprised to learn she had been a very successful professional in her chosen field and is a highly skilled person.  Therefore we felt comfortable that we would get a very polished experience and never felt apprehensive for a second. This really took a weight off our shoulders and let us focus on other wedding matters. 

Ann has that rare combination of being a perfectionist but not imposing.  Unless you’re experienced at getting married, you need a certain amount of guidance but with versatility and Ann lead us in a direction which made our decisions easy to make.  In summary our ceremony was exactly what we wanted because Ann intuitively helped create an experience which we didn’t know how to create by ourselves. We cannot recommend Ann highly enough.  We’re very confident she would make an outstanding addition to anyone’s special day.” 

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