How often do pipe dreams come true?

Ceremona launched on 15 March, my own wedding anniversary. As a concept, it has been in the works for many years now. The seed was first planted when my husband and I were planning our own wedding over 11 years ago. We had the best experience working with our celebrant and to this day, I consider her a dear friend and respected mentor. Our wedding ceremony was thoughtful and truly aligned with who we are and it had a lasting impact on all of our guests. It is a huge compliment to Kathryn that I decided to offer others the same type of incredible gift she gave us.

I attended a friend’s wedding soon after ours, where another friend had become an authorised celebrant to conduct the ceremony. It got me thinking about how joyful it would be to play that role in a couple’s wedding – whether you knew them ahead of time or not. After a few more years of daydreaming, I decided that it really was something I’d love to do – so I signed up for the required course and took the first step on the most incredible journey. I’ve also had the great privilege of officiating ceremonies for friends in the U.S.A., which means I’m also ordained in my beloved homeland.

I am so thrilled to have launched Ceremona on my 11th wedding anniversary and on the day before a very special wedding. I have a whole tribe of loved ones who have supported me in arriving at this threshold – they know who they are and I am eternally grateful for the way they helped encourage, support, allow, guide, cheer and inspire Ceremona into being. So here’s to new beginnings, loved up weddings, handcrafted, heartfelt ceremonies and being of service to others by offering one of the greatest gifts on the planet.

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