Natalie + Alex

Married in Brisbane City, QLD

Kind Words:

“Thank you” is simply not enough to sum up our gratitude for the love, detail, effort, research, and incredibly personal touches that Ann infused into our wedding. Throughout the whole experience, even filling and submitting paperwork in the lead up to and after the ceremony, Ann was nothing but helpful, understanding, and accommodating. Over a cup of tea and wonderful conversation, Ann absorbed our ideas, details, concerns, hopes, feelings, meaningful traditions, and progressive attitudes, and somehow magicked it all together into the perfect ceremony to represent our entry into marriage. Our friends and family felt the gravity Ann crafted with her bespoke wording coupled with her deliberate and heartfelt delivery; simultaneously honouring the enormity of the commitment we were making and the First Nations land on which we had gathered to make it. Everyone was drawn into the moment to actively witness our promise, which was exactly the intended atmosphere we had discussed at our first consultation. I loved that we could just breathe and be in the moment too, with Ann gently and purposefully guiding us through the experience we had collaborated upon. 

Ann created a sacred space where we could connect to something greater than ourselves – our marriage – and welcomed our friends and family into it to bear witness.Those who follow religion appreciated the ancient traditions we chose to incorporate, including a hand-fasting ritual to honour our Celtic roots and a beautiful homily created from the impressions and reflections of us that Ann collected from our nearest and dearest. The homily was a very special segment of the ceremony, as Ann had kept the wording secret for us to hear for the first time on our wedding day. Even those who don’t believe in marriage told us over and again how moved they were and we were overwhelmed by how many of our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever attended! This is all thanks to Ann, who managed to accurately reflect who we are and what we value, both individually and as a couple, capturing what entering into a marriage means to us. We knew we wanted our wedding to be truly ours, unmistakably “us”, full of deliberate details brimming with meaning and memory; an acknowledgement of the journey we have already shared while looking to the future together. No-one but Ann could have created that for us!